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Disqus is a content management system that creates threaded conversations and discussions on blogs and other sites that it is embedded in. Disqus has four key functions:

  1. Engaging Audiences: Users are engaged through real time comments and interaction (upvotes, downvotes, recommends, replies) and rich media commenting (allows images, GIFs, and videos to be embedded in comments). User reputation rankings allow for users to be rewarded based on their contributions, thus helping moderators easily identify spammers or trolls. Disqus functions on both mobile and desktop devices and is available in over 70 languages. Read more on their engagement page.
  2. Retain readers: Under one Disqus account (that can be linked to a user’s Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter accounts), users receive notifications on additional activity, can subscribe to specific comments, and review digests of their activity on frequented sites. Read more on their retain page.
  3. Understand Analytics: Disqus comes with analytics for administrators to gain additional insight into the comments and interactions of users. Disqus tracks article reads, comment reads, and total engagements for both individual articles and sites as a whole. Read more on their analytics page.
  4. Monetize Engagement: Disqus can integrate ads into its comments section either above, in-thread, or below the comment widget in the form of sponsored stories, sponsored links, IAB displays, or videos. Read more on their monetize page.

Disqus is developed by Disqus and headquartered in San Francisco, CA (US).

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