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Discuto is a web-based application that promises to help you “reach a consensus quicker”.

The platform features a patented algorithm meter, enabling users to instantly see the reaction to their document and respond accordingly. This appears next to information fields displaying how many people have participated and how many comments have been added.

Discuto is a modern decision-making platform that mimics a classic offline process: proposal→debate→decision→implementation.

The challenge when applying the above process is how to negotiate each step in a way that organises interaction, collaboration and creation, before leading to consensus and decision-making.


One of the best things about Discuto is its efficiency. The set-up allows real-time document-based debates, instead of sending around track-changed Word files to multiple recipients. And this works for groups large and small, documents brief or lengthy. The larger and more active the crowd, the larger the productivity gains.

Whatever the background, interests or requirements, provides the ideal platform to explore early concepts, refine existing approaches and launch new ideas.

Discuto is being developed by Bisamberg, Austria-based Community-based Innovation Systems GmbH.

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