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Loomio is a collaborative decision-making platform that acts as a “secure and searchable archive of your discussions, decisions, and files” with “a suite of decision tools.”

To use Loomio, users first create a group that poses one or multiple discussion questions. Groups can be set as either public or private, the former meaning that anyone can participate in the discussion and deliberation, and the latter meaning that only invited members may participate. Participants can contribute their opinions, respond to polls, and elaborate on their stance. All interactions and discussions are archived for record and further analysis. Loomio also offers scheduling tools, polls, prioritization, and Slack integration for business use. More information about features can be found here.

A video tutorial of Loomio can be found here.

Loomio is open-source and can be found on “Github”:

Loomio is developed and based in Wellington, New Zealand.

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A list of projects that have used Loomio: