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Online Public Participation Platforms and Applications

White paper by Della G. Rucker (AICP, CEcD) and Patrick F. Whalen.

From the document:


This white paper was developed to orient readers who are interested in local public participation to some of the existing online platforms and services available at this time, and create a base level of understanding with regard to each approach’s strengths and most appropriate applications

The reader should note that the field of online public participation is a young one, and that new providers appear on a regular basis and may not be captured by this white paper. Existing providers also update their applications regularly and may add subtstantial capacities within a short time frame. Finally, the reader also note that online public participation providers are generally early stage firms, and vary widely in terms of their internal capacity and stabiliy.

The first version of this white paper appeared on November 9, 2012. Future updates are planned, according to the authors.

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