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Online-Begutachtung Arbeitsprogramm der österreichischen Bundesregierung von 2013 bis 2018

NEOS is a liberal political party in Austria. Founded in 2012, it managed to win a few seats in the 2013 Austrian legislative elections.

Austria’s two largest parties, the SPÖ and ÖVP, form a “grand coalition”. In December 2013, NEOS invited public feedback on the recently finalized government program (the coalition agreement between the two).

From the December 18, 2013 NEOS email announcement (translation: Google Translate, modified):

NEOS offers the government program (coalition agreement) for online review: Everyone can join!

NEOS shows how citizen participation can work! We provide our online peer review system at your disposal, so that every citizen has the opportunity to examine the government’s program of the new grand coalition. After registration, which is done quickly, everyone can comment and rate the entire program, paragraph by paragraph.

Citizen participation is part of the NEOS DNA: Not only will we take notice of the feedback of the population from the online assessment, but we will actively consider it in our political work.

The project relies on the Substance platform for collaborative document reviewing.

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