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Apache Roller

From the website:

Apache Roller is a full-featured, multi-user and group-blog server suitable for blog sites large and small. This is the project’s homepage, which provides a brief overview of the software and project as well as links to project news, downloads, user documentation, install guide, mailing-lists, bug tracker, wiki and the FAQ.

Roller is a Java web application that should be able to run on any Java EE server and any relational database. Currently, Roller is best supported on Tomcat and MySQL — but users have reported success running Roller on Glassfish, Websphere, JBoss, Resin, Geronimo, Derby, PostgresSQL, Oracle, etc.). Here are some of Roller’s key features:

Multi-user blogging: can support tens of thousands of users and blogs
Group blogging with three permisson levels (editor, author and limited)
Support for comment moderation and comment spam prevention measures
Bloggers have complete control over blog layout/style via templates
Built-in search engine indexes weblog entry content
Pluggable cache and rendering system
Support for blog clients that support MetaWeblog API
All blogs have entry and comment feeds in both RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 formats

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A list of projects that have used Apache Roller: