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From the book Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice (chapter 4, page 78):


After the backend for PICOLA could no longer be maintained, we developed an html-based ‘lite’ version that used a single, customizable interface. This tied together different programs like Adobe Connect for synchronous conversations, Microsoft SharePoint for an asynchronous discussion board, and SurveyMonkey for polling.

A version of PICOLA-lite was used as a way to augment the face-to-face forum. We found that it is important to give participants an extra five days to ‘continue the conversation’. This allows people to add new points that they may have considered after the event, and its very availability prevents people from feeling frustrated that they did not get a chance to follow up (even if they do not use that opportunity). We also experimented with what we called ‘Alumni Assemblies’.9 In this case, PICOLA-lite was the only way to bring such a dispersed group together.

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