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bCisive is a Windows application allowing for a visual representation of group decisions and deliberations.

From their product overview:

bMaps let you organise all your thoughts and information in one place when presenting your ideas or thinking through a decision. Lay out the question, the options, their pros and cons, and your arguments for and against. Add links to supporting documents, websites and evidence for your claims.

A bMap’s visual structure makes your reasoning clear and explicit, helping you analyse the problem more rigorously. Assumptions and unsupported claims are obvious, and it’s easier to spot gaps in your thinking and even new options for consideration. Be confident that you’ve addressed all relevant issues and made the best decision or proposal.

For more information, visit bCisive’s tutorial pages.

bCisive also has an online version, bCisive Online. To learn about the similarities and differences between the two, see this side-by-side comparison.

bCisive is developed by ReasoningLab based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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