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Dialoguecircles is a solution designed specifically for realizing the benefits of public involvement and informed participation. It provides a single point of access to a broad set of on-line approaches and traditional face-to-face events, which can be tailored to meet various objectives and goals.

Dialoguecircles functions through online and in-person approaches. Highlighted online approaches include:

Choicebooks: Allows participants to place themselves in the shoes of decision‐makers and, as the name implies, make tough choices. They provide balanced information on the issue(s) at hand, outlining benefits, drawbacks and tradeoffs associated with various approaches or options. Participants consider this information before responding to questions pertaining to their preferences, priorities, and experiences.

Workbooks: Similar to the choicebook a workbook focuses on providing relevant context, information and facts to facilitate issue exploration, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with an issue by “working through it”. These guides are often prerequisites for participating in other online engagement activities since they provide a common baseline of information to all participants before they are asked to respond to questions.

Personalized Participation Reports: With the online choicebook or workbook a customized report is generated for each participant and includes content that is reflective of how he or she responded to specific choicebook or workbook questions. The intention of the report is to close the feedback loop with participants and demonstrate assured listening.

Story and idea submission: This tool allows participants to share their thoughts and experiences in a structured, confidential way by submitting personal stories and ideas. These qualitative submissions represent an invaluable source of experiential data that puts a human face on the issue(s).

Additional information about other online approaches (surveys and polls, discussion forums, and website hosting) and in-person approaches can be found on their fact sheet (archived copy).

Update: Dialoguecircles has been discontinued, as the developer, Ascentum, was acquired by Hill+Knowlton Strategies. An archive of the site can be found here.

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