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co-ment is a Web 2.0 application that allows users to put texts online, submit them to comments and update them in a collaborative way.

From the about page, its key features are:

A powerful and ergonomic interface to create, navigate and process marginal annotations.
A simple workspace where you can manage user rights and versions of texts.

Other capabilities listed on the features page:

The import module of co-ment is compatible with many document formats to let you import your existing texts into the site.

You can create new texts or edit your previously uploaded ones through the text editor integrated into co-ment. To organize your text, choose between 3 languages: the extended pandoc flavor of markdown (recommended), HTML or RST.

You can edit your text, taking in account modification proposals from commentators for example. co-ment allows version management. You can switch back to a previous version any time and visualize changes between any two versions. When you create a new one, you can keep the received comments or discard them.

Create a working group easily around a text or a set of texts. Invite your contributors on the fly and give them a common role or give some of them a specific role: observer, commentator, moderator, editor or manager.

Usage examples can be found on their use cases page.

As of 2012, tool ownership and development has been transferred from Sopinspace (company has been liquidated) to Abilian, based in Paris, France.

Additional information

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A list of projects that have used co-ment:


Additional information and materials about co-ment: