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From the website: The Virtual Design Charrette

Wikiplanning is an online solution for improving civic engagement, an important component of most urban planning initiatives.


Wikiplanning requires an email address and a zip code, but input is always given anonymously. A project specific ‘Invitation Strategy’ is prepared by Wikiplanning for each new project. This increases participation from all demographic areas, including disabled individuals, who rarely attend public meetings, but should be heard as a part of any planning project.

Wikiplanning offers an integrated approach utilizing new technologies that increasingly are available to a wide number of a Charrettes’ desired audience. Utilizing the Wikiplanning tools, residents are invited to log into their community’s project, and then are led through a series of activities throughout the project life. These activities include a mix of project-specific Multi-Media Learning Sessions, Online Chat Events, Message Boards, Surveys, and even downloadable Podcasts offering potential walking tours through the project’s principal sites. Taken together, these logically sequenced milestones achieve the desired objectives of Teach; Discuss; Gather Input; and Build Consensus that are fundamental to the Charrette process; and at much higher rates of participation. Although some sessions would occur in real-time, like chats with project managers, most of the activities can be done day or night at the user’s convenience, allowing for far greater participation by people in the workforce. An intangible advantage is the participation of younger members of the community. Generation Y residents rarely attend public meetings, but are increasingly comfortable with online social networking. Wikiplanning draws this usually unheard from, but important demographic group into the public process.

The platform is no longer in operation, but an archived version can be viewed here.

Wikiplanning was a resource of Ryan Harris LLC, a Landscape Architecture / Urban Design firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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