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From the description on the SHIRE Initiative website:

VocalEyes is focused on engaging group members/residents etc. in innovative democratic, debating and decision making processes. VocalEyes is based on the following themes:

* Empowerment
* Active Citizenship
* Digital Consultations
* Engagement & Participation
* Democracy and the Environment
* Interactive Media


How does VocalEyes work?

VocalEyes enables a consultation with any number of people within a group or community, drawing out ideas, stimulating debate, voicing people’s views and finally, rating the ideas and voting on emerging proposals.

Elsewhere, the site states:

In 2008 “VocalEyes” (previously called “The Voice”), within LocalEyes, was successful in attracting funding and support from the Ministry of Justice under their project “Building Democracy”. VocalEyes is currently being piloted throughout the UK.

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