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WebDialogues is a platform for targeted discussions among public agencies, policy-makers, subject experts, and citizens. WebDialogues’ online environment enables organizations to conduct conversations efficiently and independently through key features such as, libraries, panels, participant registration, polls, and summaries.

How does it work?

WebDialogues take place over 1 to 10 days on a website that reflects the look and feel of the host organization. They follow a structured, yet flexible, agenda with daily topics and discussion points that focus the conversation. 

Facilitators guide the discussion and panelists serve as subject experts. Additional dialogue features include a library of balanced resources, online polls, daily discussion summaries, and a categorization capability. 

Registration and evaluation forms capture participant demographics and feedback. Planning, content, and communication templates facilitate management and production.

WebDialogues is a part of WestEd’s Evaluation Research Program (ERP) based in Washington, DC.

The service has since been discontinued by the developer.

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