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From the website:

CommunityViz is advanced yet easy-to-use GIS software designed to help people visualize, analyze, and communicate about important community planning decisions.

From Placeway’s about page:

CommunityViz is based on geographic information systems (GIS) software – computerized maps that can contain rich information about the physical world. In particular, CommunityViz plugs into ArcGIS-brand desktop software from ESRI, the world’s leading GIS platform and the place where most planning organizations store information about the places they work.

CommunityViz adds a large suite of extra functions that combine with ArcGIS to make a more specialized, powerful decision-making platform – tools for setting up alternative futures (scenarios) and analyzing their effects; tools for making interactive three-dimensional (3D) models of real places as they are now and as they could be in future; tools for explaining and communicating across the many groups of people who become involved in making decisions about the future of a place.

CommunityViz is developed by City Explained, a software and services firm specializing in GIS-based planning services and technology, based in Lafayette, Colorado (US).

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A list of projects that have used CommunityViz: