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FacilitatePro is a web-based application that houses a number of tools to assist with the brainstorming and idea generating processes. Fundamental to their technology is six steps:

  1. Brainstorming: Ideas are anonymized to increase group participation.
  2. Categorization: Focuses ideas through the use of an electronic flip chart where participants can build on ideas, combine, edit, move, copy, and categorize ideas.
  3. Idea Prioritization: Using voting templates, group leaders can create a voting ballot with either single or multiple criteria and varied formats. Results are viewed in real-time and multiple rounds of voting can be held.
  4. Action Planning: Recommendations are crowdsourced from the team and used to build a graphic time chart representing an action plan. The plan also includes roles, responsibilities, and timelines for each member. Team members refer to the time chart in order to update the status of assigned actions.
  5. Surveying: Survey creation tools allow for data gathering that can be used within an organization or publicly to assess trends and issues for the industry.
  6. Automatic Documentation: Meetings produce pre-formatted and automatic reports in HTML, RTF, or ASCII formats.

FacilitatePro is developed by based in San Francisco, California (US).

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