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Maestro Conference

Maestro Conference is a web conferencing platform offering traditional conference call service along with an array of additional features that emulate a live workshop. The interface is fully located on the web for conference holders and participants can either dial in through a phone number (including local dial-in numbers for international participants) or access the call through their internet browser. Each call can accommodate up to 5,000 users and 2,000 screenshare users.

The platform provides assistance with the entire process of the conference, from the planning to the follow-up. Key features include: screensharing, opt-in offers (such as mailing list signups, blog sharing, and product sales), straw polls, green room (serves as a huddle-like setting for organizers before the event), multiple conversation administrators (up to five) concurrent staff chat during an event, breakout discussions, and walk-the-room (allows organizers to briefly sit in on breakout sessions to hear small group discussion). Additional features can be found here.

Developed by Maestro Conference based in Oakland, CA (US).

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