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Open Town Hall

Open Town Hall is a cloud-based online citizen engagement platform administered by Peak Democracy. Peak Democracy’s software aims to increase participation and broaden public trust in government through online public comment forums “that are civil yet meet government freedom-of-speech and transparency laws.”

From GovFresh:

People visit the online public comment forums, learn more about the topics, read and support other perspectives, as well as post their own public comments.

In addition to handling all IT requirements, Peak Democracy’s software and staff monitor comments to maintain civility, authenticate participants to prevent fraud, and provide end-user support.

Government leaders can read the responses and synthesize voluminous feedback using Open Town Hall’s analysis tools. The forums can be archived for public records retention, and printed for distribution at community meetings.

In October 2017, Peak Democracy was acquired by OpenGov.

Peak Democracy was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Berkeley, California. Follow @peakdemocracy on Twitter for updates.

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