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WebStorm by Brightidea, Inc. is an idea collection and ranking portal that facilitates the innovation process by allowing organizations to:

  • Collect ideas and feedback from employees about new work processes, cost cutting and new product / service ideas.
  • Solicit feedback & suggestions from customers about product features, new products, marketing and more.
  • Run open innovation contests and competitions – open to the public or existing users.

WebStorm efficiently records and manages input from thousands of stakeholders.

  • Use the power of “crowdsourcing” to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top.
  • Quickly establish a feedback channel with customers and partners.
  • Solicit immediate input from employees at any level and from any organization.

WebStorm offers a quick and cost-effective way to reach out to your customers, employees, or partners and establish a meaningful dialogue. Find out what your customers think of your services or products. Solicit ideas for new products and features, or on how to improve service. Encourage the generation of cost-saving or process-improvement ideas from your employees. Inform stakeholders of new developments and on the progress of promising ideas.

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