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Synaccord is a structured online deliberation tool that utilizes popular voting on problems and solutions in order to determine the most pressing issues and the best way to tackle them. Merging the words “synergy” and “accord,” the name represents a marriage of “the beautiful thing that happens when people get together and do more than they could individually. An accord is a harmonious agreement.”

Online deliberation with Synaccord is meant to, at once simulate in-person processes, while also overcome difficulties of organizing in-person participation (bringing together people from remote locations in a low-cost manner). Synaccord offers some of the following solutions to tackle the challenges of online debate: validating identities, requesting relevant demographics, structuring discussions, distributing participant into small diverse teams, upvoting best ideas, keeping participation demographically balanced.

To ensure each idea receives fair and balanced consideration, participants are shown a few random ideas to compare with it before commenting or voting. To keep discussions civil, participating members provide feedback on each other’s posts and vote for the best ideas, allowing the better ones to surface. Demographic information is provided by participants only as a means to ensure diverse participation.

A demo site of the tool can be found here.

Introductory Video

Synaccord LLC was formed in late 2015 and is based in Irvine, USA.

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