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Vox Populi

Vox Populi (Latin for “voice of the people”) is a community engagement tool that allows administrators to invite citizens to share their ideas through interactive 3D models of the community. The software is comprised of three modules:

- Survey tool: can be used with or without its mapping function.
- Right-of-way editor: allows community members to generate their vision of streets and roads for transit improvement.
- Online Public Information Centre (PIC): allows community members to view poster boards at live events, rate proposals, and tag and post comments to graphics or lines of text.

City officials can track community engagement and identify gaps with Vox Populi’s dedicated dashboard for analytics.

Vox Populi is being used in VoxWaterloo, an online portal to facilitate discussion on the city of Waterloo’s University Avenue Corridor project. As the project website explains:

VoxWaterloo provides a visual and tactile way of exploring an urban setting in a three-dimensional model space to:
- Mark locations and features that you consider important such as landmarks that need to be preserved, or issues that need to be addressed by your local government.
- Share your ideas for civic improvements through suggestion cards/comment boxes, and design important urban assets such as roadways and public space

A major feature of VoxWaterloo is the Right-of-Way editor. Simply put, a right-of-way or ROW refers to the width of an avenue, road or street from a private property line on one side of the ROW to a property line on the other side. One aspect of the Gateway project is to consider whether and how University Avenue reflects the corridor’s emerging brand as a centre for learning, discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. Another aspect is to consider whether the Avenue functions as a safe and sustainable travel route for vehicle traffic as well as public transit users, cyclists, and pedestrians. The Right-of-Way Editor is a visioning tool that allows you to select a segment of University Avenue, and craft a vision that reflects how you believe private vehicle, freight, public transit, cycling and pedestrian traffic could be accommodated on a given road segment.

Vidya, Vox Populi’s developer, was established in 2015. It is based in Kitchener, Canada.

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