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Dialogzentrale (“online dialogue hub” in English) is a citizen participation tool that allows for both single and multiple-phase participation processes. Dialogzentrale is built on the CMS, Drupal.

Its expansive modular toolkit includes crowdmapping, idea crowdsourcing, document annotation, participatory budgeting, and ask-your-mayor. On the platform, citizens can contribute suggestions, rate, pose questions and comment on one or more topics. The mapped-based module enables participation for geo-referenced procedures.

In early 2017, “opendoors,” another e-participation product of Zebralog (the firm responsible for Dialogzentrale’s development), was integrated into Dialogzentrale.

The tool has been used in a number of German city projects; of which include, Berliner Mitte and participatory budgeting in Unterschleißheim.

Zebralog is located in Germany with Berlin and Bonn offices. Zebralog was founded in 2003 and launched Dialogzentrale in 2014.

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