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Kumu is a data visualization platform using colored webs, network connections, additional fields for element descriptions, automated calculated information, and custom CSS styling.  

Begin by importing existing data or use the Google Sheets integration to generate maps from live data. Contribute and see the tool in action by adding your information to the spreadsheet to join the “Kumunity” (a mapping of Kumu users) “here”:

Organize projects into multiple perspectives, and declutter by using filter, focus and showcase functionalities. Additional data can be attached to each node and connective link through profiles. Default profile fields are type, label, description, and tags; to these fields, skills, operating budget, and embedded videos can be added.

The point-and-click builder allows for customization of decorative elements (e.g. augmenting size, color and thickness of connections to reflect data specificities).

Kumu’s insight and analytics features include built-in metrics (e.g. closeness, betweenness, and eigenvector centrality), automated community-detection, and clustering.

Take the platform tour to better grasp the extent of Kumu’s capabilities.

Kumu can be used for an assortment of purposes: stakeholder maps, systems maps & causal loop diagrams, org maps, social network maps, community and asset maps, concept maps, and Lombardi diagrams.

5-Minute Kumu Instructional Video

Kumu 5 Minute Quickstart from Kumu on Vimeo.

Kumu Inc was was founded in 2011 in Oahu, USA.

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A list of projects that have used Kumu: