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eNgageSpace is a unified survey, consultation and research tool used to maintain connections and receive input from valuable stakeholders. Each consultation is housed under its own online Consultation Community that is a hub for surveys, discussion forums, and idea sessions resulting in audience engagement.

Easily create and publish consultations, surveys, discussion forums and idea sessions. Capture attention and focussed feedback. Use classic consultation and deliberation and/or Ideas or Ideas Sessions widget as a gateway to insight and trust. Display the latest consultations and ideas to start engaging your audience immediately.

Notable features include:

* Create Content Pages: You can have introduction pages and preface text – top or bottom – that explains, elaborates and encourages. You can have thank-you pages that describe the next step, keeping participants informed about next stages – very important since consultation and engagement is never a one-off act.
* Upload Supporting Information: Document Library – providing key information at the right time, in the right place. From the detailed activity page a link will appear – “Background Documents” (of course, which you can rename) where the consultee can view all these files which are associated with your activity.
* Decide On Access Policy: You can give different access rights to different consultations. You may only want a specific group or set of consultees to respond – or in fact view the consultation. You can have private ? invitation only or open consultations.
* Build Groups & Manage Your Lists: Easily create special interest groups – Groups can be Delegates, Exhibitors or any stakeholders. The can be consulted by you or speak to each other, sharing ideas, experience and knowledge, You will benefit from such emphasis on dialogue which will inform your subsequent decisions.

Additional features of eNgageSpace can be found here.

eNgageSpace is headquartered and developed in Glasgow, UK.

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