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Telegram is a cloud-based, encrypted, and open-source mobile and desktop messaging app that can be used for personal one-to-one chats, as well as for groups up to 100,000 members. Public groups are open and can be joined by anyone; while “Secret Chats” offer end-to-end encryption for more privacy.

The messaging app supports replies, mentions and hashtags. Multiple admins with advanced capabilities (such as, imposing partial bans, editing group info, managing messages) can be appointed in “Supergroups”. Admin activities are logged in the “Recent Actions” page. The platform also allows users to send documents, send timed self-destructing messages, and build custom tools using Telegram’s API.

Telegram’s Channels function enables users to broadcast their messages to a large audience (unlimited members).

Browse through the website’s extensive FAQ page here.

The iOS version was launched in August 2013, and the Android version in October of the same year.

Many of Telegram’s developers are originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, but the team has migrated to Dubai, UAE, due to local IT restrictions. Telegram also has offices in Berlin, London, and Singapore.

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