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Stickyworld is an online consultation software that aims to facilitate community and stakeholder engagement by building participation portals that can disseminate information, collect feedback, and track site engagement.

Administrators can publish time-limited consultations, workshops, or design reviews, and invite a private or public audience to provide input on images, slideshows, maps, virtual tours and videos.
The software can be used for a diverse array of digital engagement activities including: user forums, 360 virtual open days, 360 virtual site visits, planning consultations, place-making forums, visual forums, Twitter walkabouts, brainstorming sessions, and drawing reviews. Learn about each case of usage here.

A few key features:
- Transparent conversations: visitors reply, share, flag or like each other’s comments.
- Registration choices: remain anonymous as a Public Visitor or sign up with Facebook.
- Customization, discussion moderation, and report generation for administrators.

Introductory Video

Stickyworld has been used in a number of city portals in the UK, including Kent, Canterbuty, and Westerham.

Stickyworld was founded in 2010, having evolved from a collaboration app utilizing virtual post-it notes. The company is based in London, UK.

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