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Demosplan is an online portal for planning officials and agencies to encourage community input on urban planning initiatives through project documents and maps, comments, and bundled organizational feedback.

The spatial-planning cloud software allows public authorities to import the relevant geodata for consultation and invites citizens and stakeholders to comment on an online interactive map.

Comment filtering, editing and sorting functions allows submissions to be evaluated by the project’s administrators. Statements are filterable by keywords and text references, and lengthy comments can be disaggregated and organized according to content.

After a decision is made, results can be sent to participants. Additional modules enable project initiators to manage notifications and contacts of the participating institutions and individuals.

Introductory video about Schleswig-Holstein’s (German state) online portal built on Demosplan:

Demosplan is a product of DEMOS. The e-Participation tool developer is based in Germany, with offices located in Berlin and Hamburg.

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