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is a cloud-based civic engagement software allowing city officials to share proposals, collaborate with citizens, and obtain data on community engagement with the platform.

Key features for citizen use:
- Public consultation and idea collection through commenting, votes, surveys, and open proposals.
- Single-step and multi-step ideation.
- Co-creation of ideas and projects with two-way conversation mechanism, which enables discussion with other citizens and feedback from administrators.
- Citizens can track the status of an idea (considered, accepted, rejected, implemented and archived).
- Visualize ideas on maps. Citizens can pin their ideas on the map and see what is happening in their neighbourhood.
- Citizens can filter content to find ideas of particular interest to them.

Key features for administrators:
- City brand customization (e.g. custom domain).
- Administrators manage idea statuses (considered, accepted, rejected, implemented and archived).
- Limit the consultation region to a specified geographic space.
- Manage newsletters, information pages, and email notifications.
- Segmented demographic analytics for administrators, as well as insights on engagement score.

For a comprehensive list and description of software functions, visit the website here.

Introductory video

Read some of the case studies for a deeper understanding of how the tool has been mobilized for civic engagement.

The CitizenLab team is based in Brussels, Belgium.

Additional information

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A list of projects that have used CitizenLab:


Additional information and materials about CitizenLab: