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Ushahidi is a location-based crowdsourcing site that collects, manages, and visualizes data submitted by citizens through SMS, Twitter, e-mail, and mobile apps.

Software features include:

Data collection from multiple sources, SMS submissions, custom surveys, IOS & Android compatibility.

Management of information by grouping datasets, and through filters, saved searches, workflows, and team collaboration.

Data visualization utilizing a mapping feature powered by Open Streets Maps and MapQuest, and configurable charts.

The platform has been used in the context of election monitoring, crisis response, and advocacy & human rights.

In 2008, Ushahidi was founded by four Kenyan bloggers as a tool to ensure citizen safety amid post-election violence in Kenya. The software has since been used for crowdsourcing projects in over 160 countries.

The African technology leader is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

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A list of projects that have used Ushahidi: