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CitizenOS is an open-source collaborative software designed to facilitate crowdsourcing through channels for idea proposal, discussion, editing, and voting. The platform offers options to delegate votes, use digital signatures, and promote follow-up opportunities.

More features:
- document interaction with inline discussions, voting, and argumentation
- versioning
- participant authentication via social media, national digital ID, or mobile ID
- decision-making using vetos, mini-votes, yes-no voting or custom options
- category assignment and hashtags
- DDoc generation

Its user base includes governments, non-profits, and businesses. CitizenOS is available in English, Estonian, and Russian.

Introductory video, a platform enabling Estonian citizens to propose, discuss, and vote on legal initiatives addressing the national parliament, is built on CitizenOS. The Estonian government is obliged to recognize petitions that have collected at leasts 1000 digital signatures. Submitted proposals and their status in legislative procedure can be tracked on the platform.


A presentation introducing CitizenOS is on Slideshare.

CitizenOS was founded in 2015 and is based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Additional information

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A list of projects that have used CitizenOS: