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VOLIS is an electronic information system for local government councils. Its mission is to facilitate information exchange between governments and its citizens, promote public participation in local decision-making processes, and raise the quality and efficiency of local government administrations.

The information system software package does so by:

creating operating environments for the members of councils and local governments and shows the public what is happening at the sessions along with the agenda, voting results and automatically-writing protocol through the Internet.

Registered users are able to peruse the website (categorized by municipality) for documents related to the activities of their local government, and submit their own proposals and suggestions on the platform. The software system permits access to live viewing of local council meeting sessions and real-time meeting minutes.

Primary features of the software include:

Paperless document management and processing

Different possibilities for participation in meetings including virtual participation

E-voting ID card

Automatic self-writing session protocol

Session Webcast and recordings archive

Possibility to do paperless all participatory budgeting processes and use polls where secure voting by e population is provided.

VOLIS is also available as a mobile application.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Andmevara Ltd. is the developer and provider of VOLIS. The pilot project was funded by the EU’s European Regional Development Foundation. VOLIS was first piloted in the city of Jõgeva in June 2010, and has since been implemented in several Estonian cities.

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