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Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint is a multi-function community engagement platform that uses interactive mapping to collect citizen feedback. Input is summed up through live reporting and analytics for community leaders. Users can add markers (e.g. info, traffic, like, dislike) to a GIS-defined project area.

Beyond interactive mapping, the digital engagement and collaboration software also offers solutions for online ideation, safety and incident tracking, and stakeholder management.

Some key features of its mapping tool include:
- real-time tracking of participation rates and levels of engagement
- drag and drop interface
- GIS integration
- in-built social media integrations
- moderation and reviewing with a filterable live feed

A complete list of features is on the Social Pinpoint website.

Introductory video:

Social Pinpoint in 1 minute from Social Pinpoint on Vimeo.

A number of demo sites of the tool can be found here.

Social Pinpoint was founded in 2014 and is based in Newcastle, Australia.

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