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Objective Connect

Objective Connect is a secure, private, online workplace that can be used to manage projects, collaborate with partners, and serve as a hub for project materials.

The three key aspects of Objective Connect highlighted on their websites are:

  1. Document Collaboration: Documents can be easily drag and dropped into the online space and are accessible and available for anyone that has been invited. All files (up to 1GB) are have end-to-end encryption, an audit trail in order to track changes and interactions, version control, and alerts to stay up-to-date on changes. Objective Connect can integrate with many popular EDRMS including MS SharePoint, HP TRIM and Objective ECM.
  1. Online conversations: Conversations in the form of comment threads are always linked to specific documents or files in order to provide context. Rather than having conversations spread over emails, file notes, and verbal conversations, all communication is located within the online space.
  1. Task management: In order to create transparency and assure accountability, tasks can be created and assigned to individuals, along with a due date. Tasks can also be linked to uploaded documents or files. Therefore, all project partners are informed and kept into the loop about progress.

ObjectiveConnect is developed by Objective Corp. with worldwide offices and headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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