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EngageSuite is “a module-based engagement tool, enabling both quantitative, qualitative and mixed method participation, as well as sequential participation.” The platform is available in 10 different languages. On some occasions, it has been used as part of face-to-face consultations as means for structuring dialogue and recording of discussions.

Currently, the tool boasts only limited modular capabilities (survey-building modules), but a new version of EngageSuite is set to be released in April 2018. The updated platform will include:

More features, less loading time
Social logins (Facebook, twitter, google)
Communities with actions and discussions
Participations with multiple events
More question types (Maps)
New charts(Bar, Pie, Line and Radar charts)
More facilitation features

EngageSuite is being developed by The Danish Board of Technology Foundation. The tool was used in the 2017 online consultation for the Human Brain Project. Citizens were asked for their opinions on the possible dual use of neuroscience. The survey contained a series of multiple choice questions built on EngageSuite modules. Read more about the project here.

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A list of projects that have used EngageSuite :