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vTaiwan is a platform facilitating civic deliberation that involves both online and offline processes. The “v” represents “virtual.” Read more about vTaiwan’s in-person meeting procedure here.

The platform is specifically focused on crafting legislation on digital issues at a country-wide level. For example, it has been used to consult the public on personal data protection, unmanned aerial vehicle, e-clinic, cyberbullying and most notably, the regulation of Uber in Taiwan. As of December 2017, vTaiwan has tackled 24 issues.

Depending on the stage of the project, proposals on the digital platform are organized into 5 categories:
Coming soon
Opinion collection
Draft proposal
Send to the hospital
Historical case

From the website’s User Manual (translated):

First, you may add “reasons” to the formulation of proposed laws or proposals for amendment in addition to the “content”, that is, all the factors that you should consider before making your proposal. "Reason" can be information, a case, or a concrete idea. If the source of the message can be attached is better, it will help the executive or other participants to understand your suggestion more easily.

Second, we welcome inquiries on the topics discussed. For example, the text of the executive authorities is not clear enough, or it is time to discuss needs and hope that the executive can provide more information.

Thirdly, if you simply agree with a suggestion, you can press “Like” instead of saying the same thing again. If you do not agree with a suggestion, or a description of the content, you can make suggestions or questions, but please avoid too much personal emotions, such as direct criticism or ridicule, it will not help your opinion was adopted.

Discussions are monitored by a team of neutral moderators.

vTaiwan was born out of the 2014 Sunflower Revolutions in Taiwan. It is currently run by Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS), a group of coders, activists, legal experts and designers that was formed in 2016. The tool and project was created as a result of a g0v hackathon.

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