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@stake is a multiplayer roleplaying game designed to emulate group deliberation and foster “creativity and empathy during small group deliberation” of 3-5 players.

From the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation’s page on @stake:

How to play @stake:
What is it about?: Before the game takes place, the play group must brainstorm topics for the game. The topics selected should be important questions for whatever real world process matters most to the players and their organization (ex. “How can we get young people more involved in local issues?”).
The Decider: Once the question for each round has been established, one player becomes the first “Decider,” the player who will pick from the other players’ pitches and determine which is best. It’s up to them to keep time, promote fair play, and make prompt decisions in awarding points.
Role Cards: All other players are assigned roles such as Mayor, Activist, or Student. Each role card features a short bio and three agenda goals that the players try to include in their pitches for bonus points.
The Pitch: Players hear the question for the round, and are then given one minute to devise an idea. Pitching occurs in two phases. Each player has one minute to give their initial pitch to the Decider, and then there is a short discussion period during which players may ask questions of one another and try to achieve compromises to attach their agenda items to others’ plans.
Decider: At the end of the round, the Decider must pick a winning pitch. That winning player earns points, then every player earns bonus points based on their agenda items. The new decider is the player that won the previous round.

@stake was originally developed in 2013 as a tabletop card game, but in 2015, its team received funding from the Knight Foundation to create an online version that is compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

@stake was developed by a team led by principal investigator Eric Gordon and project manager Becky Michelson as part of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College. The project page on the Engagement Lab’s website can be found here.

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