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Empaville is a customizable “role-playing game that simulates a multi-channel Participatory Budgeting in the imaginary city of Empaville.”

There are three possible roles that a player can hold: citizen, moderator, and backend operator. The backend operator is able to manage the submitted ideas, control the time allotted for and open and close the voting phase, and view analytics. The moderator is able to submit proposals to be reviewed and voted on by the citizens during the voting stage. Lastly, the citizen is able to view submitted proposals, reply to comments to discuss the proposal further, and during the voting stage, up-vote and down-vote a maximum of two proposals each.

YouTube tutorials explaining how to use Empaville can be found here.

Empaville is developed by Empatia,

a consortium that aims to produce the first comprehensive technology platform to make Participatory Budgeting better and easier for all participants,

based in Coimbra, Portugal.

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Additional information and materials about Empaville: