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IdeaScale is a cloud-based software platform that enables organizations to leverage ideas from the community in a practice known as crowdsourcing. To participate in an IdeaScale portal, users must create a profile in order to submit ideas, comment or vote on other ideas. The most popular ideas (determined by vote count) are prioritized at the top. It combines the “wisdom of the crowds” concept with Web 2.0 models like Digg.

Administrators may streamline the process by consolidating similar ideas. A system of awarding points and badges based on member participation provides incentives for contribution. Additionally, real-time, verifiable translation of all user-generated content is available in 30+ languages. Key features like group-based moderation and smart tagging aid idea refinement. In the mature stages of ideation, review and assessment tools can be used for evaluating promising ideas. The comprehensive list of features can be found on the product tour page.

According to the about page, the platform has more than 4.5 million users worldwide and has worked with both public organizations and private enterprises. Notable clients include, NASA, the New York City Police Department, EA Sports, NBC and the White House.

IdeaScale was launched in 2009 in tandem with President Barack Obama’s Open Government Initiative, and was quickly adopted by several federal agencies. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, CA, with offices in Washington DC, Japan, and Germany.

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