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Publica Open Data

Publica Open Data is a data visualization tool that can be used for governments to create a site that makes their data accessible in a visual format for citizens. According to the tool site,

information is framed within a narrative that explains how or why specific government activities have taken place. […] [Additionally,] information can be easily shared through social media or embedded in other websites for broader reach.

The following types of data can be visualized:

Geospatial data: Whether it’s a map of local attractions or the locations of capital projects, Socrata supports geospatial data and makes it accessible to anyone who may find it useful, not just GIS experts.
Financial and economic data: Tax revenues, real estate values, hotel booking rates are all types of data that give insight into the economic health of the government and the local economy.
Public safety data: Safety data can extend to more than just the locations of recent crimes. It can also include data around use of force, traffic fatalities, and more.
Other types of data: Socrata customers have published data across a multitude of topics, including education, the environment, health & human services, parks & recreation, transportation, justice, housing & development, permitting, etc.

On websites powered by Publica Open Data, any datasets uploaded from government agencies can be viewed as an online spreadsheet, visualized and filtered using Socrata’s data tools, opened in a number of applications, and exported and downloaded for further analysis.

Publica Open Data has been used by the municipal governments of NYC, Chattanooga, Dallas, Chicago, and Cincinnati.

Publica Open Data is developed by Socrata, based in Seattle, Washington.

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