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BiPart Web Platform

The BiPart Web Platform is used to coordinate and manage the participatory budgeting process in both school and municipality settings. It has four core features:

Community Space: a free and shared space to collect ideas, reports, and proposals from the community and to interact in a simple and direct way
Deliberative Tool: an instrument for co-designing ideas at a distance, building social networks between institutions and citizens to arrive at deliberative proposals
Vote Tool: a tool for the management of voting (single vote, multivotation, etc …); flexible management of the variables for the dynamic configuration, the function of marking, coordination and election
Authentication: Integrated authentication system with external services (email, sms) and digital identity management in SaaS [Software as a Server, defined here:] mode

The BiPart Web Platform is developed by BiPart, an organization that
bq. deals with research, planning and implementation of participatory budgets and processes of democratic innovation, through the use of deliberative techniques and digital technologies.

A video introduction of the organization can be found here. BiPart is part of the Empatia Network and contributes to the Empatia project. Their work can be found on Empatia’s Github.

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