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Lutèce is an open-source content management framework written in Java with two core features:

  1. A fully modular architecture offering more than 400 plug-ins
  2. Usage of the Bootstrap framework as a CSS database, allowing for “Responsive Design” that ensures that sites and graphics are viewable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Some examples of usage listed on the site are a call for projects platform, an OpenData site, an Intranet site, and a platform for reporting incidents on public roads.

A demo of the tool can be found “here”: using the following log-in details (without quotation marks):

Username: “admin”
Password: “adminadmin”

Lutèce is open-source and available on “Github”:

Lutèce is developed by the City Hall of Paris, based in Paris, France.

Additional information

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A list of projects that have used Lutèce: