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Open Budgets

Open Budgets is a website committed to municipal, regional, and national budget transparency through encouraging the uploading, visualizing, and analyzing of budgets by a range of stakeholders, such as government agencies, journalists, activists, NGOs, and your average citizen. Open Budgets operates on four main components listed below from the tool’s About page):

  1. “A semantic data model”: Municipal, regional, and national budgets from any country can be securely uploaded by government agencies for public access.
  2. “Libraries of visualisation, data-mining, and comparative analysis tools”: Citizens can compare budgets for trends and visualize differences.
  3. “A feedback and citizen engagement interface”: Citizens can discuss and provide feedback for any budgets that can be accessed by government agencies or other users. Additionally, Open Budgets is open-source and available on “Github”:
  4. “Engaging user groups”: The creation of Open Budgets was based on collaboration with data journalists, NGOs, policy makers, and other citizens to ensure that it is usable and accessible by a number of actors.

Information about Open Budgets’ technical structure and how the site operates can be found here.

Open Budgets is a collaborative software developed by nine partners: Fraunhofer IAIS (Germany), Open Knowledge International (UK), Open Knowledge Foundation (Germany), Fundación Ciudadana Civio (Spain), Transparency International (EU), University of Economics, Prague (Czech Republic), Journalism++ (Portugal/Sweden), Open Knowledge Greece (Greece), and University of Bonn (Germany). Project coordinators are based in Germany.

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