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WhatsApp-Infodienst (WhatsApp Information Service) helps organize municipal participation by facilitating the dissemination of messages without starting a WhatsApp group. Beyond the technical platform, its parent company (S&N Kommunalberatung) provides counsel on planning and moderating approaches for an effective participation campaign.

How does it work?
First, a separate phone number is set up for a specific project. To register for the information service, the audience is prompted to send a WhatsApp message with a password to the phone number. A message can be sent to all registered recipients simultaneously and subscibers are able to respond accordingly.

WhatsApp-Infodienst was created by S&N Kommunalberatung, a politically neutral subsidiary of Squirrel & Nuts GmbH (S&N). S&N GmbH is a political strategy consultancy and has worked for the Greens and the SPD at all levels across Germany.

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