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Community Remarks

The Community Remarks application helps urban planners communicate more effectively with citizens by merging GIS with community mapping. “It allows citizens to conveniently post their ideas, comments, and images to a website and relate them to a specific geographic location or general topics.” Comments can also be voted on by other participants.

The intention of the application is to gather feedback during any or all phases of the planning process. Results are tabulated from outreach during each phase of the project. The data is then exported from Community Remarks in a spreadsheet and can be imported into GIS. The application allows the administrator to “create summaries from all comments collected online, broken down by topic, and generate reports of analytics from online traffic. Comments can be summarized in pie charts and narrative.”

Community Remarks also offers the Interactive Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for tracking transportation-specific development projects.

The tool was developed by the urban planning agency, PlaceVision based in St Augustine, U.S..

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