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Created in 2013, mVoting (short for ‘mobile-voting’) is an app that allows citizens of Seoul, Korea to submit and vote on local policy proposals. The smartphone app provides “a forum for citizens to talk about city problems and their solutions — in a place where policymakers can easily access their feedback.”

From Seoul Solution:

“Through the mVoting App and Web page, citizens of Seoul can ask about and participate directly not only in policy votes, but also in votes related to all types of real life issues. Images and the GPS tag can be attached to questions or voting items, which allow others to understand the detailed situation more specifically."

“User-targeted voting is possible thorough the mobile web as well; thus, regional and private-centered groups and citizens can proceed to examine citizens’ opinions more conveniently within a specified time. In other words, when the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) needs to find out people’s perceptions and opinions in a short time, it can obtain real data through mVoting without expensive surveys.”

The policy goals of mVoting are as follows:

1. Sharing the Policy Decision-making Process with Citizens
Transparent Disclosure of Information and facilitating citizen Participation and Engagement on Specific Policy Issues 
2. Promoting Citizens’ Participation on Policy Determination
Seoul Citizens as Policy “Prosumers”
Improving Public Performance through Public-Private collaboration
3. Increasing the Public Policy Quality of the SMG
An Interactive Policy Communication Process (G2C and C2G)
Resident-centered Policy Debate and Determination 

PC mVoting is the complementary website developed for those who wish to participate, but do not have access to a smartphone.

MVoting functions include both G2C and C2G processes: open voting for everyone, targeted voting in specific contexts, poll creation by citizens, and location-based voting with GPS.

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