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ParticipatR aims to break down barriers to participation in public consultation for hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations. The specialist consultancy service provides strategic advice on community engagement by creating “interactive, web-based community engagement websites, designed to gather feedback on housing, development, regeneration, environmental and neighbourhood planning issues.”

From the FAQ page:

“Our intelligent website software visualises feedback in real-time in the form of interactive maps and pie charts. Feedback can then be analysed by the project team or website visitors, to spot sub trends in opinion and provide insight into issues and aspirations that matter to the community.”

“Websites have built in GPS capability, which helps participants pinpoint their exact location and tag their opinions to where they live or the location of a pot-hole that they’ve just spotted when they’re on the move.”

ParticipatR was founded in 2016 and is based in Bristol, UK.

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