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From the about page:

EUSurvey is an online survey management system for creating and publishing forms available to the public, e.g. user satisfaction surveys and public consultations.

Launched in 2013, EUSurvey is the European Commission’s official survey management tool. Its main purpose is to create official surveys of public opinion and forms for internal communication and staff management, e.g. staff opinion surveys and forms for evaluation or registration.

EUSurvey provides a wide variety of elements used in forms, ranging from the simple (e.g. text questions and multiple-choice questions) to the advanced (e.g. editable spreadsheets and multimedia elements).

The application, hosted at the European Commission’s Department for digital services (DG DIGIT), is available free of charge to all EU citizens. EUSurvey can be accessed from:


Built at DG DIGIT and funded under the ISA programme, EUSurvey is fully open-source and is published under the EUPL licence. The source code can be downloaded from the Commission’s Joinup pages:

EUSurvey’s user interface is available in all official EU languages.

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