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Argüman is an open source project developed by the community for argument analysis. Argument mapping – producing “boxes and arrows” diagrams of reasoning – is the primary mode for promoting critical thinking on the platform. Users may begin a new argument thread by posting a contention, citing the origin of the discourse and providing sources supporting the argument. For each contested statement, participants may also add one of three types of premises: but (objection), because (reason in support), and however (additional conditions). Sources associated with these premises can also be linked. Participants may support premises, attach a premise to an existing one, or report the fallacy of a premise. Arguments are assigned objection percentages or support ratings based on these votes.

Arguments can be classified into channels such as politics, religion, programming, drugs, and animals (among many more). Argument mapping is available in English, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, and French.

Argüman is an open source project. The source code is available on Github. Argüman is developed by a core world-wide team and developers.

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