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From the about page:

PubPub is an open-source platform for totally transparent publishing. We focus on three main goals:

* A rich and modern writing experience – Support for dynamic assets, large datasets, and live visualizations.
* Distributed Review – Distributed across many communities and done in the open. Rewarding constructive reviews and incentivizing progress rather than elitism opens the process to all that are capable.
* Grassroots Journals – Journals serve as curators rather than gatekeepers. Pubs can be submitted to and featured in as many journals as is relevant. No more silos. Journals can be run for large or small audiences, by institutions or individuals. Everyone can be a journal.

We hope that PubPub can provide scientists, designers, and all with tools for reproducible and beautiful communication.

PubPub has been designed and developed by Travis Rich and Thariq Shihipar at the MIT Media Lab in Andrew Lippman’s Viral Communications group.

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