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DecisionTree® is a set of innovative web-based geographic decision-making tools that enable business owners, citizens, or government agencies to weight multiple geographic factors and generate “hot spots” or a “heat” map that highlights optimal locations for activities based on selected factors and importance. Features of DecisionTree include:

Interactive criteria weighting: Users prioritize locations by assigning weights to the criteria of significance to them. Weights can be set manually by moving a slider bar or by typing a number between -5 and 5. DecisionTree calculates the locations best meeting the weighted criteria.

View individual or aggregated search results: Users can view not only the map of hotspots based on the combined criteria but also the results for each individual criterion included in the search.

Save analysis scenarios to your account: Once individualized criteria weights have been determined, these settings can be saved to users’ accounts for future retrieval.

Link to additional resources: Supports ‘smartlinks’ which connect to additional resources based on a selected map location. For example, selection of a parcel might enable linking to a crime mapping application centered on that parcel.

Calculation masks: Limits calculations to specific areas such as tax incentive areas, a particular municipality or other zones.

Customize map display: DecisionTree enables users considerable control over the final map display including several choices for color ramps, adjustable transparency of the prioritization layer, and the ability to turn off or on additional resource map layers.

Integration with ESRI products: DecisionTree results can be integrated with ESRI products such as ArcGIS for further analysis.

DecisionTree is developed by Azavea, a B corporation that creates civic geospatial software and data analytics for the web based in Philadelphia, PA (US).

Update: DecisionTree has been discontinued and the most recent web archive of the tool can be found here.

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