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From the about page:

About MeetingSift

The MeetingSift team is obsessed with making meetings more efficient and productive. We are committed to using scientific research about what really empowers people in meetings, create innovative solutions, and increase participation and buy-in within organizations. The MeetingSift platform is based on rigorous research of participant and meeting leader psychology and behavior. We have eliminated hunches about what could work, and have implemented only sound principles that have been proven over decades to improve engagement, reduce wasted time, and create effective follow-through for meetings.

The company was founded by seasoned professionals who are committed to constantly improving the way we participate in meetings. All of our founding team has experience working in global organizations and have great awareness of the challenges of working with remote staff, large meetings, and meeting leaders who need better tools for improving meeting participation.

We believe that with the right tools, every organization can shorten meeting time, increase participation, and efficiently implement better decisions based on those meetings. MeetingSift is privately held and was founded in 2013.

MeetingSift is being developed by SIFT, Co., based in Honolulu, HI (USA).

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